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Posted by sharon on Feb 27, 2019

Recently, I came across several photos of myself while scrolling one of my computer files. The changes intrigued me, although not because of the differences on the outside. Oh, you'll probably notice shifting hairstyles and some wrinkles, but that's not the interesting part. I realized that each picture represents a different phase of life. Some phases resulted from disappointment, others from success and faith.
     In 2010, for instance, I was working on a book deal with a traditional publishing company. Excited is far too mild to describe how I felt. Behind my broad smile, I envisioned a major turnaround in my life. I dreamed of bestsellers' lists and major TV interviews. In reality, I was just beginning to learn about patience and endurance.
     By 2014, I learned that success is not about how prestigious your name becomes, but about doing what God calls you to do in any given season of life. I believed that He wanted me to broaden my influence, so I developed spiritual workshops for women. My power pose reflects a determination to create opportunities for my growth and talents, while being led by God. 
     Then came 2017 amid a season of radical change. I had moved from Florida to my native Indiana and found myself working with a nonprofit and community leaders. God was expanding my circle even more, while continuing to build up my career as a writer, speaker, and now a life coach. And, perhaps as drastic as things get for a woman, I started wearing my hair in its natural kinky state. While that's a change on the outside, the decision required a lot of growth on the inside. I'd been too concerned in the past with others' opinions of what I should do and how I should look. Now, I was making a bold move that highlighted my commitment to embrace all of me.
     This year, I recently celebrated my birthday (below). That photo represents my increasing awareness of the woman I am becoming. It's an awareness ignited by the Holy Spirit nudging me to express myself in various ways. On the outside, I could wear my hair kinky curly one day, then straight the next. Likewise, I also had liberty as a creative woman to voice my views through books and inspirational messages, poems, workshops, even songs and a play. Of course, I've taken the time to reflect on life before, but never in quite this way. Now I see that a picture really can be worth a thousand words. 
Sharon Tubbs
Author, Speaker, Life Coach

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