A Bossy Woman Finds Purpose

Posted by sharon on Mar 30, 2019

I want to share a story about a "bossy woman" named Melvina Hill. By the time we met, she had moved from California to Fort Wayne and was working as a community engagement manager for a food bank in town. We crossed paths at church, at social service meetings, and other events. She was good at what she did and enjoyed it, although neither of us knew it would reignite a passion she had abandoned long ago.
     After reading a few public service announcements for the food bank on the radio, a station executive commented that Melvina's silky tone was just right to be on-air. The encouragement stuck with her. Soon, she launched her own show as a volunteer on public access radio. Her show featured a regular segment called "Bossy Women," designed to highlight women's strengths, including her own. In time, Melvina asked me to be a guest for the show and we started talking about purpose -- one of my favorite topics, as many of you know. Melvina mentioned that years earlier she'd wanted to work in radio, back in her native California. Life got in the way, however, and she never ventured into the business. Now, she was taking a step of faith in producing her own show. The experience reminded her how much she loved spreading positive vibes on-air. She was walking in her purpose.
     Now, the story could've ended there, but it doesn't.
     Less than a month later, Melvina announced she was moving back to California. Yes, she wanted to be closer to her family, but there was another reason, too -- a purpose-filled one. A colleague in Fort Wayne had told her that a radio station in California was looking for someone to fill its community engagement slot. With Melvina's community experience at the food bank, her growing skills in public radio, and her desire to live in California again, she was a worthy candidate. Surely this was God at work. Melvina moved back to fully explore and pursue the opportunity.
     As Melvina shared the details, I couldn't help but feel inspired. In a nutshell, she had volunteered time to do something she loved, God honed her skills and shaped her for greater opportunities. Not only that, but He put some icing on the cake by fulfilling her desire to return to California.
     Feeling motivated yet? What step can you take now to reignite an old passion that you abandoned or set aside, because life got too busy? Let's all take some cues from Melvina: step out, do the work, and watch God move.
 Sharon Tubbs
Author, Speaker, Life Coach

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